About Us

Founder/CEO: J. Ricky Neiray

Founder/CEO: J. Ricky Neiray

Beacon Aid Foundation Overview

Too many young Liberian school children face many obstacles in getting the education that would enable them to develop the necessary skills and training needed to be part of the global community. As a result, the dropout rate among the Liberian youth in the rural areas is far too greater compare to those in the urban areas who managed to finish High School. Founded by a former Liberian refugee and launched in June 2015, Beacon Aid Foundation is non-profit, 501c3 accredited foundation that wants to help address the lack of educational opportunities available to pupils of rural Liberia.

BAF, Inc. is committed to providing educational opportunities for the less fortunate kids of rural Liberia. BAF, Inc.  will strives to work with the rural Liberian communities, Local Authorities, families and educational institutions, both at National and County levels – from pre-K to High School levels – to promote and improve the quality of education available to rural kids. It is our beliefs that placing priority on education, we are encouraging and building the future leaders of their local communities and Liberia at large while at the same time providing equal opportunity for all.

Beacon Aid Foundation, Inc. will do this by raising funds to:

  • Renovating and when needed, building public schools in villages and towns where the need is greater.
  • Provide schools and students with basic necessary supplies such as Textbooks, Notebooks, Pen/Pencils, Backpacks.
  • Create Scholarship and Sponsorship opportunities for the academically gifted kids to continue their education beyond their local schools.
  • Teacher Training Programs

Our Goal

To create awareness campaign about the struggle schools and students faced in rural Liberia and organize fundraising activities to help fix the broken educational system in rural Liberia.

Mission Statement

To provide the necessary assistance to the needy schools and students to enable equal opportunity for all.

Vision Statement

To make education accessible and affordable, one child at a time.